3 cheap ways to make your car drive faster

If you have been driving the same car for quite some time now and is not planning on getting rid of it any time soon, you must do all you can to keep it running healthy and well without any alarms or surprises. Regular trips to the service station and changing the oil once every month are all great methods of ensuring the efficiency of your car, but do you feel like there is something missing? Wouldn’t it be awesome if your vehicle had the horsepower to overtake any vehicle on a freeway or on an uphill road? Most individuals don’t attempt to make their vehicles faster because they are afraid it might turn out to be a very expensive commitment, or is it? The following few tips will tell you about a few such cheap ways in which you can make your vehicle a much faster one.

A tire-touch

Making a few alterations in the tire set of your car can make some major improvements in the ‘speed’ department. One such change you can make is aligning the wheels so that they remain pointed straight which will generate more straight-line speed. The toe-in recommended by the car manufacturers is often a restriction for generating high speeds, and by getting rid of it you will be able to significantly increase the speed. Replacing the default tires with shorter ones is another great way of increasing the acceleration of the vehicle. If you have some dollars to spare, consider investing on a much lighter carbon-fiber wheel set which is sure to help your cause.

Throttle adjustment

The throttle response is the time taken by your engine to respond to a push given by your foot on the gas pedal of your car and ideally, there should be no delays. However, over time, various problems can arise in the pathway between the gas pedal and the throttle body of the engine. In older cars, these two parts are connected by a cable throttle and after years of usage, this cable can get stretched, preventing the engine from reciprocating the action performed on the throttle paddle. Fixing this won’t take more than five minutes of your time if you are equipped with a couple a wrenches and fair bit of knowledge about the vehicle.

Get rid of the excess weight

Weight is the enemy of a fast ride! This is the very reason why formula 1 race cars use lighter material for the vehicle chassis and body while also distributing the weight as evenly as possible. If you really want to make your car go faster, a few things you can afford to get rid of in order to make the vehicle lighter would be the rear seats, spare tire, radio and speakers, carpets and floor mats and the tool box. In addition to these, try as much as you can to evenly distribute the weight in the vehicle so that it won’t have a front and rear weight bias. Try moving the battery unit from the engine bay to the trunk of the car. This will surely give the vehicle much better handling and increased speed.


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