How to handle roadside emergencies-3 useful tips

Roads are never predictable! It will always surprise you whether you are driving a vehicle or just walking down to the nearest coffee shop, and sometimes these surprises can be serious enough to cause damages to you, your vehicle or anyone else who is travelling on the road. Imagine yourself driving down a freeway and suddenly your check engine light comes on along with a funny burning smell and the next thing you know, smoke starts billowing from under the bonnet of the car. To handle such a situation in a smart manner and not panic and make things even worse, you need to learn a few things about dealing with such unexpected roadside emergencies, and in this article information about a few such tips are provided.

Be careful when stepping out of the car

If a certain problem arises in the car while you are driving on a busy road or a freeway, no matter how bad it gets try your best to move the vehicle away from the traffic to the side of the road. If you begin to panic as soon as the problem is detected and just open the door and step outside, there is no telling what might happen to you or any vehicles travelling towards you. Once the vehicle is moved to a safer place, get out from the side opposite to the side of the traffic and carefully pop the hood open and check what’s wrong with the vehicle. Unless you possess the right kind of knowledge repair the vehicle, it is always better to step away from it and wait for professional help to get to you.

Communicate to the others on the road

It is difficult for oncoming drivers to bring their vehicles to a stop, especially at a curve of an expressway where all vehicles will be moving at relatively high speeds and wouldn’t expect your vehicle to remain stranded in the middle of the road. The best way to let them know that you are experiencing some serious problems is by pressing on the hazard button and turning the hazard lights on. This way oncoming vehicles will understand there’s an issue with your vehicle from a distant and slowdown their vehicles accordingly or even stop by to help you out.

An emergency kit

No matter where you are travelling to (whether it’s to the other side of the state or to the burger joint just a couple of blocks away) always keep a bag of tools and equipment that you’ll need to fix or repair your vehicle at an emergency situation. Jumper cables, jacks, a spare tire and wrenches are some such tools with which you can fix several minor issues in a matter of minutes and get back on the road.

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