How to take good care of your car

Are you an individual to whom the car you drive is more than just a medium of transportation? Is there a strong man-machine bond that exists between yourself and the car? If so, by now you must already know everything there is to know about the vehicle which is important in keeping it functioning at its best so that you won’t have to walk for miles or be stranded in the middle of nowhere because of an unfortunate breakdown. Although most of us claim to be such vehicle lovers, each year an awful lot of vehicles are towed into garages after serious breakdowns and malfunctioning. More often than not such problems occur because we forget to pay attention to the little things that must be done regularly to ensure the efficiency of a vehicle. This article will inform you about 4 such methods of properly taking care of your car to keep it running for a very long time.

Wipe the bird droppings off ASAP

Believe it or not, the poop that a birdie might drop on your vehicle when on a bathroom break can become a major threat if left unattended. These droppings are quite acidic and when in contact with painted metal or fiberglass surface, there’s a good chance of it damaging the paintjob by eating through it. If the situation becomes too serious over the years, and you are left with a car full of tainted spots on the surface, you will have to invest on re-painting the car, and this can be a very expensive task. To avoid such hassle, simply wipe off any bird poop as and when you see them.

Prevent the damage from the hot sun

This may seem like a pretty obvious point, however, a surprisingly high number of vehicles are damaged because of the exposure to excess heat during the day. This can damage the paintjob of a car, the colour and integrity of internal components such as the dashboard and seats and even crack the windshield and windows. Especially if you are someone who drives the vehicle every day to work and if you still haven’t found a proper parking spot and decide to leave the car on the roadside, make sure you find a shady spot that prevents the vehicle from being exposed to intense heat.

Change the oil

Oil is needed for lubricating the engine which is the heart of your vehicle and it is also important for keep out any detergents. If the oil is not changed on a regular basis there’s a high possibility of dirt build up which will lead to the death of your engine. Ideally, drive down to the car care shop at least once every month and get the old oil removed. As for the fresh oil, select a brand that is suited to your vehicle and engine to ensure the highest level of efficiency.

Replacing the brake pads

Brakes is a serious matter to which any driver must pay a high degree of attention. This is not just for ensuring a smooth ride, but also to make sure your brakes are good enough to bring your vehicle to a halt when needed and avoid any unfortunate accidents. Make it a policy to drive down to the service station at least once a month to regularly check the integrity of your brake system. If such care is not given, the car will begin to make squeaky noises every time you apply brakes which will make driving the vehicle an unpleasant experience.

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