Take proper care of your car

If you had a vehicle at home growing up, chances are it was taken care by your parents or guardians, or better yet you had a driver to do all that. Now that, out in the world, on your own, you have to not only buy but also take proper care of your vehicle. Be it a car, an SUV or any other there are several things you have to keep in mind.

Cost and time

Yes, caring for anything takes time and money. Car care takes a bit more of both of these, because sometimes the auto parts can be expensive. Nevertheless, if you can follow some daily routines of checking engine, engine oil, water levels, battery and more, it won’t come to the option of buying expensive auto parts as they will live to see their total life time. When you are buying the parts, it is important that you check out several suppliers and choose the right one. You can visit today their websites and see the choices, payment options, aftercare service etc. they offer before making a decision.

College life

When you are eighteen, first thing in your mind is buying a hot set of wheels. Some are lucky as to get it gifted from the parents however some have to work for it. Even though they buy a car with difficulty, – summer jobs, part time working and saving etc. – it has been found out that one third of the college students only change the oil once in two years! This is appalling and on one hand, they are not getting the best out of their investment also on the other hand, what happens to all those cars that one day will definitely be sent to the pound or automobile graveyards? As college students, environmental protection must be forefront in your mind and if you are using a fossil fuel vehicle, maintaining it properly is important for that to be used as long as it can be used. 

Don’t forget to…

There are some basic things that has to be done every day. Check for fuel level! If run in low fuel the engine will get exhausted and that affects the engine life time. Do not forget to check the tires, as well. They must be of proper tire pressure. For a better reading, check the pressure when the tyres are “Cold”.

As we all know, rubber tends to expand when heated and hence the pressure can be falsely shown as high. Something most people forget but that is very important is the windshield. If birds have pooped on it or some kind of dirt is there, wash and wipe it off without waiting for another day. Engine oil checking and updating is also quite important.

It is an investment to buy a car when you take care of it properly. Make sure you are not spending unnecessarily on your automobile.

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