Top Safety Devices to Look for in a Vehicle

Technology has greatly changed the way of living we have today. Many decades ago, the first models of vehicles didn’t even have a seatbelt to keep passengers safe. As the years go by, more and more safety devices have been developed to help keep people safe on the road. Whether you’re buying a brand new or second-hand vehicle, here are the top safety devices you should look for.


This is one of the earliest forms of safety device designed to keep motorists safe. Older versions of seatbelts simply go around the waist. However, modern designs are more improved and includes a front and rear belt to secure the passenger well. Locking systems are also been improved to avoid a passenger being thrown out when a collision happens.


Some people think that airbags are dangerous. Well, it’s true for young children however it had saved thousands of lives of adults that encountered a road accident. There are 2 types of airbags: the dual stage and the side airbags. Dual stage airbags are located at the front part of the car and gets activated in different occasions. One airbag will go off on minor accidents while two on more serious car crashes. Side airbags protect the driver and the passenger from head injuries during a collision. Small children aged below 12 years old are not recommended to seat at the front since an airbag going off can cause more harm than protection to them. They should be seated at the back seat or on a car seat away from airbags that cause potential danger.

Back up Sensing System

This amazing safety device has helped a lot of passers-by and other smaller vehicles. A back up sensing system sends a signal to the driver when the car is getting too close to another vehicle when backing up. This is a perfect add on for larger vehicles such as SUVs and RVs because it’s a little bit harder to see what’s going on at the rear end of your car.

Auto Dimming Mirrors

When driving at night, there’s nothing more annoying than the glare of headlights on your mirrors. Auto dimming mirrors have a feature that automatically lessens the glare by darkening the mirror itself. Aside from reducing accidents, it can also help drivers who are very sensitive to light and get bothered by the glare.

Reverse Alarm

Just like seatbelts, car reverse alarms help to keep passers-by and other vehicles safe. It sends a signal that warns people behind your vehicle when you’re backing up so they’ll steer off from your way.

Energy Absorbing Steering System

During an accident, drivers are often thrown towards the front. The steering wheel poses a risk of rib and other fatal injuries. This feature helps reduce the impact by compressing during a crash, lessening injuries and fatalities.

Having more security devices installed in your car increases it safety. It will surely cost more but everything is worth it as long as you and your loved ones are safe.

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