What to know before setting a deal up

In this article, we will be basically talking about leasing deals. If you are a leasing expert having experience and the exposure, then you have what it takes to identify a good deal from a bad deal. But, if you are not, this article may be useful and help you in not getting caught up with unnecessary messes. In order to get a good lease sorted out, you have to connect with dealers. We will help you, through this article, to give you a basic idea as to what to ask from them when setting up a deal- a fair one.

If you are new to leasing a car in singapore, make sure you ask these few questions from your dealer, and yes, pick the best that suits your expectations.

 Lease specials

Have you seen some car producers, or even the Finance Institutions launch promotions exclusively about discounted leases periodically? Yes, they do for the purpose of boosting their sales up, especially when the demand is in crisis.

Sometimes, they can be true. They can act as the shortcut providers for a substantial saving of your money in hand. But, sometimes, these can be extremely deceptive. There can be additional expenses that they do not reveal in their advertisements. Some financial institutions do directly publicize about the monthly instalment plans, but chances are that they hide everything about the sales tax or the registration fee of the car. This is why they always do contain the ‘conditions apply ‘term in their advertisements.

If this conditions apply term is available in advertisement published by a Financial institution, chances are more that this special leasing facility is only applied to the current customers who already have a leasing agreement with them, or either the premium customers who possess big accounts with them.   

The residual value

If you are considering about buying a car, its residual value is equal to the value of worth of the car at the end of the lease payment. If you are considering on a lease, you can always ask your dealer about this value, and they will tell that to you instantly.

If the residual value is higher, the lease payment will be less. So, this is the mere importance.

Mileage allowance

Before setting up a deal, make sure you talk about the mileage with your dealers. No matter how good a lease agreement will be, but if does not allow an adequate number of miles, do not sign it. Make sure you negotiate. Sometimes, if negotiation will not work, and if you still want a mileage increase, you may have to pay a larger monthly instalment. 


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